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Mr. Shenar recently retired after more than 40 years of service in various security management positions with the Government of Israel as a civil servant.

Mr. Shenar served as the Head of Security, Emergency preparedness and Cyber Security Division of Israel Ministry of Transport since 1987. He is a world renowned Security expert specializing in Transportation, Aviation and Marine security combined with multidimensional capabilities of security technologies implementation, addressing Cyber Risk through Cyber Resilience and emergency preparedness and response.

Leading the Security Emergency & Cyber division, Mr. Shenar gained vast experience in the fields of aviation, maritime and mass public transport security. He developed cutting edge security methodologies & systems to mitigate the ever evolving terror threats in Israel and worldwide.


Responding to the development of the global terrorist, Mr. Shenar initiated and carried out numerous bilateral and multilateral collaborations worldwide with foreign governments, regulators and law enforcement agencies; structuring functional international cooperation frameworks, for joint prevention and response to local and International terror threats. In recognition of his professional contribution, Mr. Shenar was nominated as the Chairman the G8 (the Group of Eight Industrialized Nations) International Working Group Land transportation Security for the year 2015.

Mr. Shenar maintains vast personal and professional relationship with leading international security regulators and agencies worldwide.

Mr. Shenar successfully implemented cutting edge security technologies, including unique advanced computerized systems for automated early detection of impending threats.

Previous to his service with the Israel Ministry of Transportation, Mr. Shenar held senior security management positions with The Ministry of Finance Custom & VAT Division (1981-1987); Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1977-1980) and the Israel General Security Agency (1972 – 1977).

Mr. Shenar holds a Bachelor degree (BA) in Political Science from the Haifa University.

Mr. Danny Shenar is an Associate at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT), Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya.

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